Couture Does Coachella

At The Couture Club, we have a big milestone around the corner and it’s approaching fast! Our founder Ross Worswick is turning 30 and to celebrate we are holding a special event #CoutureDoesCoachella at the Menagerie Restaurant & Bar on the 14.04.19.

We will also be showcasing our SS19 collection for both men’s & women’s with a live fashion catwalk so you can sneak preview those Summer must haves before we have even released them!

That’s not the only thing that’s sneaky… What’s a Coachella Party without a special guest performance by one of the UK’s top R&B artists?! Hush Hush all will be revealed on the night… 

If you would like to join us at #CoutureDoesCoachella then please email [email protected] to book a table or guest list. 

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