Mens Outfit Ideas – The Couture Club Way

When it comes to getting the perfect men’s outfit, there are a number of things to factor in, which can include feeling comfortable, relaxed and confident in what you are wearing. Having your mens outfit ready without looking into styles or fits can, at times, make you feel less confident, however, you do not always have to be. At The Couture Club, we’ve come up with a mens outfit idea just for you.

Men’s Outfit Idea 1: Jeans

We start with a good pair of slim fit jeans that is perfect for every season and embodies the streetwear movements. Our collection of distressed and repaired jeans can seamlessly fit into any wardrobe, outfit and every style you wish to pursue. The rips are all part of the natural aesthetic and don’t just provide you with a wardrobe essential but a season essential.

Mens Outfit Idea 1 | The Couture Club T-Shirt

Mens Outfit Idea 2: The Shirt 

There isn’t a men’s wardrobe in the world that is not better by a designer shirt. The Couture Club’s luxury collection has a mixture of styles and has taken the iconic grandad collar style on board. If you truly want to make a statement choose the men’s Osaka grandad collar shirt in charcoal and see how easily it blends with your blue Aomori jeans.

Mens Outfit Idea | Grandad Collar Osaka Shirt | The Couture Club

Mens Outfit Idea 3: Jackets 

We all know how popular bomber jackets have become and for those without, it is time you purchased one. With The Couture Club’s Japanese inspired prints and embroidered styles, the Madison bomber jacket in black/ white is exactly what you need to add an extra edge to your outfit. The jacket arrives with an embroidered pattern on the back to let everyone know you’ve joined The Couture Club.

Mens Outfit Idea 3 | Madison Bomber Jacket - Black/White | The Couture Club

Mens Outfit Idea 4: The Trainers 

Finish your outfit off with the restocked men’s Sunika mid 217 trainers. The Sunika trainers embody everything about The Couture Club, with its distinct design and versatility. Like the jeans, t-shirts, jackets and general clothing, The Couture Club’s clothing can be worn anywhere at any time, with anything and the Sunika trainers are no different.

Mens Outfit Idea 4 | Sunika Trainers | The Couture Club

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